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Namibia Oil and Gas Conference

20-22 August 2024
Mercure Hotel Windhoek, Namibia


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Objectives and Audiences

Namibia OGC

Objectives and Audiences

Event Objectives

The Economic Association of Namibia (EAN), Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) in strategic partnership with the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) bring together key role-players in Namibia’s oil and gas ecosystem, civil society and the general public to exchange views on the potential, opportunities, and risks of establishing an oil and gas industry in the country

The 2nd Namibia Oil and Gas Conference will discuss a broad spectrum of issues around investment opportunities, legal requirements, value chains, financing, and job creation in the emerging oil and gas sector. Full 2024 programme details will be available soon

An overview of the 2023 conference programme topics

    The Potential for an Oil and Gas Industry: Namibia’s Potential as an oil investment destination with a focus on the commercial viability of the recent oil discoveries.
    The Economics of Oil: The micro and macroeconomic opportunities, challenges, and risks of large-scale investments in oil and gas for a small, developing economy
    Legal and Regulatory Framework: The legal and regulatory framework required to facilitate the successful development of an oil and gas economy in Namibia
    Infrastructure: The infrastructural needs required to turn Namibia into an oil-producing country
    Human Resources: The skills set required and how best the country should go about acquiring these skills for Namibians to fully benefit from the industry
    Value Chains: Identification of the various upstream and downstream opportunities around the development of an oil and gas economy
    Finance: The financing mechanisms necessary to turn the potential into broad-based development.
    FDI: The foreign direct investment required for Namibia to make the dream a reality

The Namibia Oil and Gas Conference has a strong focus on proposing ideas and strategies that will ensure that investments in the sector will not create an enclave around oil and gas production sites, but that investment will lead to the development of an integrated industrial base with backward and forward linkages to the rest of the economy, thus creating sustainable jobs and contributing to the social welfare of Namibia’s people

The Namibia Oil and Gas Conference attracts 800 participants from the following sectors:

Policy Makers

The Private Sector



Civil Society



Expected Outcomes

    That key insights around the potential, challenges, and risks of developing an oil economy are disseminated and thoroughly debated
    That key stakeholders provide input on a wide spectrum of themes and that their input is included in the conference outcomes
    That key resolutions from the conference form part of the strategic roadmap for both the public and private sectors on how the country can best benefit from investments in oil and gas