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Namibia Oil and Gas Conference

20-22 August 2024
Mercure Hotel Windhoek, Namibia


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Strategic Conference

Namibia OGC

Strategic Conference

The Namibia Oil and Gas Conference will discuss a broad spectrum of issues around investment opportunities, legal requirements, value chains, financing, and job creation in the emerging oil and gas sector

A full programme of national and international speakers will share their insights and analysis and to ensure that the deliberations at the conference are turned into action, key resolutions from the conference will form part of the strategic roadmap for both the public and private sectors, on how the country can best benefit from investments in oil and gas.

New for 2024, the 2nd Namibia Oil and Gas Conference aims to foster skills development and capacity building in the oil, gas and energy sectors by hosting several dedicated workshop sessions before the main summit click here to discover more



Namibia’s oil and gas industry: Updates, progress, strategies and investment opportunities 

Powering the Future: Namibia Unleashing its Energy Revolution - Creating Africa’s Energy Value Chain and Just Transition.

Local Content and inclusive economic growth

Infrastructure and logistics – Building a world class and sustainable ecosystem for industrial businesses and the economy to thrive - The fundamental role of logistics in strengthening supply chains

Namibia’s Role in Global Oil and Gas Markets - Economic growth through diversification and competitive supply market. How to pursue a low carbon economy amid an oil and gas boom

Understanding the Procurement Process with Buyers and Recognising Opportunities for Local Suppliers - Investing in ‘Local-Local’ - Local Employment and Skills Development Approaches

Finding the Balance between Transparency and Natural Resource Management 

Target Audience

The 2023 conference attracted 800 delegates from sectors including; government and policymakers, small and medium enterprises, civil society, state and private sectors, international oil and gas companies and across the oil and gas value chain, ensuring all participants maximise their time developing business in Windhoek


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